9 Things That May Annoy Even the Most Hospitable People

Many of us love having guests over to our homes. But even the most hospitable individuals don’t like it when their friends start criticizing their curtains or try to feed their pets something tasty from the table.

We at Bright Side are remembering the times in our lives when guests crossed all possible lines, and we described them in this article.

When guests touch your personal hygiene items

When you’re going to stay at your friend’s place overnight, it’s best to have a toothbrush, a comb, and a razor with you. And if you forget to bring a toothbrush, you should ask your friends if they have a spare one. When it comes to personal hygiene, you never should share.

When they criticize how your place looks

Different people love different interiors, and it’s not very polite to note that someone’s curtains are not trendy anymore. What matters most is for you to like how your place looks, not someone else.

When your friends open your fridge without even asking

There are some people that let their friends open their fridge and look for something delicious. But what if your friends aren’t comfortable with that? It’s always better to ask them if they have something tasty for you.

When they give food to your pets

We all know that pets can make themselves look incredibly miserable just to get some treats. But it’s almost never a good idea to give pets human food. They might have a special diet you don’t know about. If you really want to give something to a cute pet, ask their owners for permission and bring a treat the animal is allowed to eat.

When they play your instruments without knowing how

Musicians can’t stand it when people touch their instruments without knowing how to play. Random pressing on keys or plucking of strings may even harm the instrument.

When they let their children do whatever they want at your place

This is a frequent situation: moms will be talking in the kitchen, drinking coffee, and a little baby will explore the place on their own. Kids are really curious and can draw on the walls or even break something. The hosts will feel much better if the child is somewhere close by, doing something safe. In this case, they’ll feel relaxed and calm.

When guests occupy your bathroom for a long time

Of course, this isn’t referring to situations where a person isn’t feeling well. This applies to people that will spend hours in the bathroom, looking at the shampoos and creams while someone really needs to use the space.

When they ask to borrow everything they see

It used to be really fun to switch toys with friends back when we were kids. But some people still have this habit as adults and are always asking others to lend them something. It’s really irritating when someone asks you to give them your things just because they want them.

When they set their own rules in your home

Any hospitable person will try to do everything to make their guests feel comfortable. But when guests ask for the host to put away their pets or their kids, they don’t like the smell of the home, or they try to set their own rules, the host will probably not invite these people back. It’s always best to set ground rules with guests.

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