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Why Snacking Can Actually Be Good For You


Snacking is often looked down upon, however, it doesn’t deserve its reputation. In fact, it has so many benefits — from weight loss to quality sleep. So schedule some snack time and get your containers ready. We’re about to discover the other side of snacking.

Bright Side unveils the truth that will allow you to munch on your favorite chocolate bar with no guilt.

1. You get more vitamins.

Snacking helps you incorporate more nutrients into your life. It’s difficult to get all the vitamins you need just by eating 3 meals a day, that’s why it’s often recommended to eat fruits and vegetables during the day. Those who go for scheduled meals miss out on essential vitamins and, as a result, they tend to have brittle nails and even lose hair.

2. You are less likely to overeat.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner might not be enough for everyone. Light snacks help you feel fuelled while, at the same time, prevent you from overeating when you finally get down to the main meals of the day. In fact, you can even schedule your snack times. This is what Sweden (fika), Japan (Sanji no oyatsu), and other countries practice.

3. You boost your brain power.

The brain uses glucose as fuel, especially when you do challenging tasks. Your mental abilities significantly reduce when your blood sugar is low. Snacking on food like chocolate or walnuts improves your mental focus.

4. You are less stressed.

When you feel down in the dumps, your body releases cortisol. This can drop blood sugar levels, according to a dietician. So when you feel frustrated, grab a healthy snack and invite some serotonin into your life.

5. You get over the afternoon slump.

The afternoon slump is a natural response to circadian rhythms. It makes us sleepy from 1 to 3 pm. However, it’s possible to avoid this slump by snacking on fruits and vegetables. Dried fruit and unsalted peanuts can also help you beat cravings.

6. You improve your social bonds.

Snacking is actually helpful when it comes to making friends with someone. Research from the University of Oxford found out that eating together increases happiness and improves relationships. What’s more, just sharing your snacks with others can help you break the ice easier. It makes us feel appreciated and cared for.

7. You get a healthy night’s rest.

It’s not completely unhealthy to eat before bed. What matters most is what you eat. For example, almonds improve your sleep quality because they contain melatonin. Foods that are rich in calcium prevent sleep disturbances.

Besides, getting a cup of hot milk or chamomile tea before dozing off can help you lose weight.

Do you snack a lot? What are your favorite snacks?

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